Christmas Stories: Yulemen Collector’s Edition

Iceland Is Hit by a Christmas Disaster!
In the Collector's Edition of Christmas Stories: Yulemen

There's a Christmas Disaster in Iceland! A monster full of resentment has found a way to ruin Christmas! Join us for another yuletide adventure that is guaranteed to spread the Christmas spirit with Christmas Stories: Yulemen - Collector's Edition! The Yulemen bring their special brand of Christmas cheer to Iceland when the holiday season arrives. But this year, Asdis and her younger brother Yonas have also been targeted by the ruthless and cold-blooded monster Hans Trapp, who has a terrible grudge. Now that Yonas is in Hans's grasp, Asdis must set out on a quest that will take her into the memories of her new adversary to learn what drives him and, ideally, free her brother and the thirteen other missing Yulemen! Could you help Asdis save them all before Christmas? Set aside some warm blankets and a cup of hot chocolate as you immerse yourself in this enchanted Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure for some holiday cheer!





- The bonus game carries on the Christmas spirit, so grab some eggnog and enjoy pulling off a real Christmas miracle!

- Discover the Secret Room and discover a ton of puzzle pieces with a Christmas theme, along with festive Yulemen cards!
- Replay your favourite HOPs and mini-games to warm up your bones while earning achievements!

- Downloadable music and wallpapers to instantly transport the holiday to your desktop!

- Use the strategy guide to outsmart the crafty Hans Trapp!

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