Christmas Stories: Taxi of Miracles CE

Revive Christmas spirit in your town!

The town's festive spirit has been dampened by a difficult year, and this Christmas Eve is being felt down. That is, until Nick, a cheerful taxi driver, shows around with a plan to make things better! Together, an adventure to aid the underprivileged in the community and learn the real meaning of Christmas is embarked on! Wonders are prepared to be worked and hope for the season is brought back in the town. This enchanted Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure can be entered now to begin!

This exclusive Collector's Edition product is jam-packed with special bonuses not included in the basic edition.


The Collector's Edition includes:


- In the bonus chapter, some amiable felines on Christmas can be looked forward to!

- The strategy guide can be used to spread some festive cheer throughout the neighborhood!

- Downloadable music and wallpapers bring the Christmas inside!

- Numerous additional hidden items to locate!

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