Chimeras: What Wishes May Come Collector’s Edition

A distraught husband tries everything in his power to keep his wife!

This brand-new story of suffering and deceit is called Chimeras: What Wishes May Come - Collector's Edition. Derek Pierce believes he caused the accident that rendered his wife unconscious. Although his support system has been helpful, he would give anything to see Christina smiling and awake once more. Derek, though, is going to get a very important lesson in the importance of watching what you wish for. When a strange, genie-like figure approaches Derek outside the clinic one night with a rare offer, he sees an opportunity to make things right, but he doesn't think about what he'll have to give up to make his wish come true. Now, before the thing comes to collect, Derek is in a race against time to find out where it came from and what its real goals are!





- In the Bonus Chapter, reverse an antiquated custom to save Robert!

- Gather all the cards and puzzle pieces, then partake in the historical wisdom!

- Use the official strategy guide to outsmart the evil genie!

- Download lovely backgrounds and a catchy tune!

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