Chimeras: Wailing Waters Collector’s Edition

Will you be able to stop the evil power in time to save the Heavenfall campers?
In Wailing Waters, Chimeras, CE

Take pleasure in the most recent spooky chapter of the Chimeras series! The text reads: The new camp at Heavenfall Academy begins in only three days, and you're prepared to serve as a counselor for the summer. However, your excitement is soon dashed when you discover your pals stranded on the grounds of Black Lake and terrifying monsters prowling the camp! Discovering the reason for the camp's first closure forty years ago might be your only chance for hope. Before it's too late, can you prevent a terrible force from destroying the camp and its occupants? In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, find out!





- Heal the sacred tree to bring magic back to Black Lake.

- Get achievements for your ability to win prizes!

- As you play, trinkets and changing things await you!

- Take advantage of special soundtracks and wallpapers!

- Avoid getting lost by using the strategy guide!

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