Chimeras: Inhuman Nature Collector’s Edition

A mysterious kidnapping and an odd hospital lead to a fatal secret!
In Chimeras: Unnatural Inhumanity CE

Take pleasure in the most recent thrilling installment of their best-selling Chimeras series! A young woman with no memory wakes up in an unfamiliar hospital, tied to a bed, and her only thought is to get out. She soon learns, though, that there is never a truly safe place—the real threat has only just begun. In whom can she place her trust? What is the secret history of the hospital? Above all, what have they done to her? Prepare to enter a world of sinister experiments, well-thought-out deception, and deep conspiracies in this intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!





- Heal a renegade chimera!

- Play your preferred HOPS and mini-games again to obtain exclusive achievements!

- To finish your collection, locate hidden treasures and morphing things!

- Use the official strategy guide to negotiate the turns and turns!

- Take advantage of unique puzzles, soundtracks, wallpapers, and more!

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