Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters

There's an approaching extraterrestrial spacecraft!

Enter the core of Play the space shooter Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters to combine action, adventure, and management! The text is bold. Captain Lycop: Heterocentric Invasion provides players with total mobility in a space shooting game. Take on vicious foes, enormous monsters, and insects that push pens. Your only chance is to put an end to all cowardice and choose the right road. Conquer armies of adversaries under the command of bosses who exude both dread and fearlessness! The text reads: Conquer without fear! For Captain Lycop is not a coward!





- Shoot your way through multiple areas and a convoluted narrative.

- You can equip modules on your own by scavenging enemy ships.

- Your ship can contain up to seven modules pointing in different directions, giving you the flexibility to pick how you want to play.

- Choose from 31 different technologies to replay the adventure using different strategies.

- Explore an alien universe with its own set of rules, populated by pacifists who are friendly but annoying, administrators who don't care about your future, and conquerors who have no morals.

- Your decisions will determine how the journey turns out.

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