Campfire Legends: The Last Act — Premium Edition

History and present come together to form one last, horrifying chapter.

Campfire Legends - The Last Act Premium Edition is a last, terrible episode where the past and present collide. An unexpected mishap leaves Reggie and Ashley stranded in the middle of nowhere as they head to surprise the campfire girls. Reggie finds Ashley gone as she awakens from the blackout. With the car immobile and Reggie's phone dead, the only indication of life is a little light coming from an enigmatic home.


Reggie's only reasonable destination is the shadowy manor in front of her, so follow her in her search for Ashley. Explore the creepy hallways and their surroundings in search of hints and useful objects to assist you in solving the numerous challenging puzzles that are housed there.


Can she locate Ashley? Will they be able to catch up to the females beside the campfire? Will Reggie come to the realization that she is far more closely tied to the mansion's horrors than she ever could have imagined?

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