Camelot 2: Quest for the Holy Grail Collector’s Edition

Assist King Arthur in saving the beautiful Queen Guinevere.

Unsettling news shook Camelot. Queen Guinevere has contracted a terrible illness, and as a result, the court magician has been called to the court. The only thing that can spare King Arthur's sweetheart from death is the Holy Grail, which has healing properties. But it's been a while, and he's lost in Avalon's vastness. An enigmatic elderly sorceress claims that it can be located by passing through portals hidden throughout the cave and exploring three distinct realms. But will we be able to overcome every obstacle and save the queen?





- Return tranquility to the realm of Camelot

- Excellent game for fans of puzzles

- Look for every morph object present in each scenario

- Savor the latest installment of the narrative

- Forty New Scenes

- 26 Little Games

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