Build-a-lot Mysteries

When you create, purchase, and resell homes for large profits, keep an eye out for hints.

In these places, mysteries lurk around every corner, with one peculiar family at its core. Prepare yourself for some spine-tingling fun as you construct, purchase, and renovate homes in each of the Graves Family's creepy neighborhoods alongside their quirky relatives. Discover the strange skills, strange pastimes, and dubious pasts of the family as you search for cryptic clues and unlock enjoyable rewards. You'll quickly learn that some family secrets can't be kept buried forever with three campaigns to play through.





- Play through 65 mysterious levels
- Three Campaigns to play: Mystery, Expert, and Quick Play
- A full tutorial level for new players
- A spooky, entertaining atmosphere
- Earn enjoyable achievements
- Easily track your best times on each level

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