Build-a-lot Big Dreams

As you construct, acquire, and resell homes for large earnings, support towns in their grand dreams!

Even the tiniest town has lofty aspirations. Everybody wants someone like you to assist them in developing communities, making improvements to their houses, or adding parks and amenities. You will be in control of each town's business and entertainment in addition to building residences. Fulfilling dreams is a significant task, but don't worry, community leaders will assist you in getting started. Because they are also your dreams, you may either race to finish quickly and receive the best rating, or you can take your time and finish precisely how you want!



  • 50 levels spread over six distinct communities15 buildings, comprising homes, parks, and services, need to be constructed.
  • Make use of the Flip House option to swiftly raise funds.
  • Reach optional objectives to receive Bonus Points.
  • Locate the Garden Gnome on every stage to obtain Bonus Points.
  • Use Bonus Points to your advantage to get ahead in difficult stages
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