Bridge to Another World: Gulliver Syndrome Collector’s Edition

Can you locate Gulliver and make a timely escape?
In Bridge to Another World: Gulliver Syndrome CE

Discover the most recent exciting installment in the Bridge to Another World series! You find it difficult to find answers after discovering a porcelain statue that gives you odd dreams. A seemingly routine search soon transports you to another reality—one in which you're a giant being hunted by tiny humans! But when you search for Gulliver, your only known chance of survival, these diminutive hunters are everything but adorable. Can you stop a dangerous opponent in time to save Lilliputia and yourself, even with frightening powers at play? In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, find out!





- Interact with both the Lilliputians' and giants' worlds to solve the last puzzle piece in the bonus game!
- Relive your most beloved mini-games and HOPs!

- As you play, discover a ton of goodies and morphs! Take advantage of unique music, movies, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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