Bridge to Another World: Endless Game CE

Will you have enough time to save your children?
In Bridge to Another World: Endless Game CE

The latest captivating journey in the Bridge to Another World series! You must intervene to stop your children from being drawn into a mysterious board game! Your quest quickly turns you into well-known story characters. On the other hand, the realms of Oz, Lilliput, and Wonderland are more hazardous than charming. Can you defeat some of the most notorious villains in literature and still make it out in time to save your family? You'll discover out in this exciting Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!





- Participate in Jonathan's invention of a game. Assist him to finish the game, reunite his family, and vanquish Pinocchio!
- Relive your most beloved HOPs to unlock more achievements! Get every memento and morphing item in the game to unlock a unique bonus! Savor the stunning concept art, screensavers, and game soundtrack! Put these away for later!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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