Bridge to Another World: Christmas Flight Collector’s Edition

You hold the power to decide Christmasland's future!
In time to save Christ, will you be able to break a curse?

Come along on a fantastical trip to save Christmas with us in Bridge to Another World: Christmas Flight! What should have been a peaceful evening of holiday festivities becomes the journey of a lifetime when you're abducted and transported to Christmasland! Your long-lost nephew needs your assistance to remove the dreadful spell that is freezing people's hearts over this charming and joyful land! Will you be able to come together with some new, magical allies in time to rescue Christmas? In this captivating Hidden-Object Adventure, find the solution!





- Come celebrate Christmas with Belle and her pals! Help them with their allocated responsibilities, which include making unique handcrafts, decorating the plaza's enormous tree, and baking Christmas delicacies.

- A unique additional puzzle scene in Extras can only be unlocked with the help of Collectible Pixies!

- Collect all of the mechanical toys and morphing things! Acquire fresh accolades for your achievements!

- Savour the game's soundtrack, movies, concept art, and wallpapers!

- Don't forget to store music and backgrounds for later!

- The strategy guide will ensure that you never get lost!

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