Brave Deeds Of Rescue Team Collector’s Edition

Protect your human population from impending disasters!
In Brave Deeds Of Rescue Team CE

Protect your human population from impending disasters! Your villages are devastated by bad robbers and natural calamities, but you have to do everything within your ability to save the people. Form and assemble a highly skilled rescue team to handle the worst-case scenarios. In order to survive, you will not only need to hire the greatest experts the country has to offer, but you will also need to make prudent use of the little money you have to construct the equipment you'll need to search for survivors among the debris and restore the damage. As you construct your city, make the necessary upgrades to ensure the health and safety of your populace. Your rescue squad is prepared to carry out whatever orders you give them if you think you possess the qualities of a real hero!





- 25 scalable colorful levels
- 3 difficulty modes: expert, relaxed, and novice
- Scalable colorful levels
- Step-by-step tutorial
- Map with missions
- Rescue Transport Park
- Train various specialists to aid the Rescue Team
- Use the lab and the engineering department to develop meds and tools



Collector's Edition features:


- Bonus chapter with 5 levels
- Plenty of upgrades and achievements to be unlocked
- Step-by-step level guide
- News section: 9 pages

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