Botanica: Earthbound

Is it possible for Ellie and Ian to return to Earth?

Take on the roles of two people in this captivating hidden object puzzle game! As a volcano erupts, threatening to destroy everything in its path, terror descended upon the region of Botanica. Take on the role of botanist Ellie Wright, who is searching for her father, who vanished 20 years ago. and take on the role of scientist Ian Garrett, who is attempting to return to his daughter on Earth. Follow them as they attempt to return to Earth, a course that puts them directly in the path of the volcano. Can you return home before it's too late and save everyone? Discover more in Earthbound: Botanica!



Features include:


- Stunning visuals

- A captivating tale

- Customize the degree of difficulty

- Tablet-like experience on touchscreen-enabled devices

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Release Date
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570 MB

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