Boon Boon

In Boon Boon, gather candies and deliver them to Luna to win her affection!

Boon Boon, a gentleman, has the guts to stand up and share his actual feelings. No one knew him better than himself. He once developed feelings for Luna, a gorgeous girl who also had feelings for Boon Boon. He discovered later on his own that she had a deep affection for candy. He made the decision to begin collecting candy, but obstacles were everywhere! The guards and the monsters kept the candies safe from theft. What will you do now?





- Play through ten levels.
- Gather every candy.
- A variety of creatures, including bat, ball, and bird demons among many more.
- Six lives at first.
- Gather lives to extend your time on the planet.
- A variety of traps, including large choppers and acid.
- Tough circumstances that are difficult to master.

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