Bonfire Stories: Faceless Gravedigger Collector’s Edition

The most terrifying tales are real.
Read Bonfire Stories: The Faceless Gravedigger CE for more information.

We're excited to present the first game in their brand-new series, Bonfire Stories, from the studio that brought you Mystery of the Ancients. So grab a blanket and get ready!
Years have passed since the Quiet Grove resort was shuttered due to a series of unexplained visitor disappearances, for which there have been reports of a horrific person known as the faceless gravedigger. The case became cold and the incidents became folklore since there were no bodies or suspects. But as soon as you and your companion show up to investigate a news report, you discover that all of those fantastic stories were genuine! You are currently being pursued by the anonymous grave digger, and should you fail to flee, you will become the next terrifying tale to be told. Find hints and work through difficult puzzles in this terrifying hidden-object adventure game to survive!





- Head back to the bonfire to play the bonus game where the Faceless Gravedigger reappears!
- Gather paw prints and figurines of hidden characters.

- Test your understanding of the game by providing answers to questions.

- Appreciate concept art, films, soundtracks, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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