Beyond: Light Advent Collector’s Edition

A voyage to the stars!

You had a fantastic imaginary buddy from outer space when you were a kid. Nix educated you about the stars and motivated you to pursue a career as an astronomer. Years later, when looking into a mystery object in the sky, you find that your imagined companion was all along real! He's come to warn Earth of a dreadful threat: a vicious species of aliens is on its way, and only you and Nix can stop them.

Can you save both your friends and your own planet in time? In this amazing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, your quest will take you into the past and beyond the stars!





- In the bonus game, travel to Nix's home planet
- Put your talents to the test with Ultimate HOP.
- Make use of the offered strategy guide.
- Download wallpapers and soundtracks

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