Baking Bustle Collector’s Edition

Bake your way through an amazing cookery journey that spans the globe!
CE Baking Bustle

Bake your way through an amazing cookery journey that spans the globe! Join Ashley and Scott as they take on the gastronomic challenge of a lifetime in restaurants serving everything from delectable pancakes and gourmet burgers to delectable tacos and exquisite soups. You'll have to work hard to keep this power squad on their toes as they dash about the kitchen feeding hungry clients before they become impatient and depart. The challenges will seem insurmountable as you keep food on the grill, load up on supplies, and decide which order to serve your customers in, but quick clicking and intelligent planning will get you through each day. Can Ashley and Scott realize their ambition of opening their own restaurant? Can you overcome the challenges that await you? Baking Bustle is now available for download and play!





- 54 challenging levels
- Vibrant and vivid graphics
- Four distinct customer characteristics
- Normal and simple game modes
- Interactive lesson

Collector's Version Features:


- An extra chapter with a twist
- Level-specific strategy guide
- A soundtrack is available for download.
- Desktop backgrounds

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164 MB

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