Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector’s Edition

Come along with Queen Sophia as she explores the Sunhook Spire!

A long time ago, a kingdom was plunged into darkness. Its monarch and queen were doomed to slumber for a long time. Princess Sophia, their daughter, ascended to the throne and provided optimism to the realm. Sophia discovered a powerful Enchantress who could undo the enchantment in her attempt to revive her parents from their slumber. Alas! She was ambushed by treacherous mercenaries on her route to the Enchantress' lair at Sunhook Spire. Can the young Queen escape the mercenaries and safely reach Sunhook Spire? Will Sophia eventually see her parents after a thousand years apart? In this epic journey, scale the heights of Sunhook Spire, rescue the Enchantress, and unravel the tower's mysteries!





-Collectible morphing objects

-Unlockable accomplishments

-Strategy Guide, soundtrack, concept art, and wallpaper

-Bonus Chapter: Sophia's friends turn against her

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