Art Mahjong 3

There are three thrilling variations of the classic Chinese board game available in Art Mahjong 3!

Dragon-Mahjongg, Dragonmaster, and Classic Mahjongg are three interesting varieties of the traditional Chinese board game offered by Art Mahjong 3. Dragon-Mahjongg is a fast-paced mahjongg variant in which time is not on your side. This provides a great challenge for all gamers, especially at higher levels. In Dragonmaster, the player assumes the role of the Dragonmaster's artificial intelligence. Finally, Classic Mahjong is the well-known and popular traditional variant of the popular board game. To master these two versions, you'll need strategy, fast thinking, and a little luck.





- Comprehensive Mahjongg with many extras in HD-quality

- Three very different and challenging Mahjongg variants: Dragon-Mahjongg, Dragonmaster, and Classic Mahjongg

- Many different sets of tiles, backgrounds, and options

- Choose your favourite perspective and level of zoom

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