Arctic Quest

You alone have the ability to vanquish the Snow King, who has unleashed a harsh frost!

The Snow King unleashed a stinging frost on Earth's tropical islands with a swipe of his icy fingers. Palm trees froze over, fish in the oceans became solid, and birds were unable to fly. The Snow King's icy soul took pleasure in expanding his domain beyond the North Pole, erecting a palace on the rim of this freezing wasteland. To protect his realm, he constructed a chain of 60 puzzles designed to prevent even the smartest sage from reaching his castle and breaking the enchantment. In Arctic Quest, you set out to solve the puzzles, each of which is shaped after an animal or other tropical marvel. As ice falls from the sky, you take it with your mouse, rotate it, and place it on a grid within the puzzle, gradually filling in the shape and returning warmth to the island. Your goal will fail if the seas surrounding your once-warm house fill up with unused ice. Fortunately, a little fire is burning on your farm, helping you to melt the excess ice. You can also gain bonuses that allow you different abilities, such as the ability to smash surplus ice or paint in specific areas of the grid.

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