Apple Pop

Apple Pop is an immensely calming and fulfilling Puzzle Popper including powerups.

Apple Pop is a Puzzle Popper with powerups that is both relaxing and gratifying. Apple Pop, inspired by the Peggle Games, gives a fresh perspective on the genre. Combining two fantastic gaming concepts from Peggle and Brickbreaker results in a genuinely stunning and unique experience that even grandmothers will appreciate. The game's physics system has been adjusted to ensure that everything goes as it should while you're collecting those devastating combo breakers.





- 45 levels for those who enjoy a challenge, each with a pass grade and a platinum pass rating! When you grab a power-up, it dramatically changes your next shot, offering replay value and a little advantage to each level.

- Numerous powerups in the game can change the outcome of each level.

- Apple Pop aspires to be a beautiful, wonderfully peaceful, and occasionally difficult game that anyone may play to pass the time or relieve stress.

- Incredible Puzzle Popper Gameplay!

- 45 difficult puzzles!

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