Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity Collector’s Edition

Aid Kraixx in save his world!

Professor Samantha Bennett has made significant advances in her harmonium research, but she is taken aback when a man from another world walks through her new portal. The man, who calls himself Kraixx, looks to be ill and begs Prof. Bennett to save his world. Prof. Bennett summons you, hoping that you may save this unusual man's life and unravel the mysteries of the evil harmonium that threatens to devour Kraixx's planet. Look for answers in this new world, but be wary of the Watchers, a cold-hearted gang whose purpose it is to arrest anybody with magical talents, including Kraixx. In this strange universe where anything is possible, you'll have to pick who to trust.





- Foil a kidnapper in the bonus game.

- Find collectable owls and secret keepsakes!

- Wallpapers, concept art, a soundtrack, and more!

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