Amaranthine Voyage: Legacy of the Guardians Collector’s Edition

Find out what legacy your family has!
Discover the real your grandfather is and carry on his heritage!

Eve Glover adored her grandfather, particularly the stories he told her as a child about a mythical world full of kingdoms and fascinating creatures. Now that she has inherited his home, she is learning that her grandfather was keeping many secrets from her. She's fast discovering that his stories aren't as fantastical as she once assumed. In this fantasy hidden-object puzzle game, you must travel to the land of Arden and save it from catastrophe.





- In the bonus game, return to Arden to destroy a powerful new item!

- In the Souvenir Room, you can find mementoes to help you remember your favourite places in Arden.

- Are you able to locate all of the collectables?

- Never rely on the strategy guide.

- Enjoy breathtaking music, concept art, wallpapers, and more!

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