Age of Mahjong

Age of Mahjong gives tile-matching an incredible facelift!

Age of Mahjong, a story-based adventure in which you build a magnificent Chinese metropolis while tearing down cleverly built stacks of game pieces, gives tile-matching an epic makeover. Follow the narrative of an ancient Emperor and his wife as they work to remove magic that has put their kid to sleep and to establish a city that will be a dazzling light of Chinese culture. As you match tiles, unlock additional items by completing the corresponding layouts, and acquire the resources you need to develop your metropolis, you will learn the advantages of peace and harmony over war and violence. With 56 levels in Story mode, a bonus game to unlock, and pictures and music that will transport you to an exotic world from long ago, Age of Mahjong will have you engrossed for hours!





- 18 locations

- 56 Story Mode stages

- Unlockable bonus game

- Eight bonus items, and 28 trophies.

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