Adelantado Trilogy. Book Two

Assist Adelantado in exploring new regions and rescuing the survivors!

Adelantado's narrative continues in Book Two; prepare for more adventures and unexpected twists! The sequel picks off where the previous installment left off. Don Diego has found a new route and is now carrying out his goal. There are still survivors from the previous expedition to save, fame to be gained, and gold to be found for the Spanish Crown. His crew, on the other hand, is exhausted. Some people begin to rebel against Don Diego. Some people remain faithful. They travel together across exotic forests and endless swamps. The ambiance is gloomy and depressing, but Don Diego attempts to keep everyone upbeat. And Commander Rodriquez, the ever-present foe, is more nasty than ever. You can expect new features, quests, enhanced graphics, and super-exciting gameplay! Aid Adelantado on his quest to find new territories and save the surviving! Make friends with the Indians and assist them!





- A new story about the aristocratic Adelantado

- Ten demanding levels, new objectives, and side quests

- Save feature, tropically upgraded graphics

- Four difficulty modes, and unexpected twists.

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