Adelantado 4 – Aztec Skulls

Don Diego de León is once more called upon by the Queen to carry out a crucial task.

Don Diego de Len is summoned by the Queen once more to complete an essential task. He must arrange and pick a leader for an expedition to the New Land to expand the discovered areas and restock the treasury with gold. When the expedition arrives, they are greeted by sympathetic natives who inform them about their problems. Evil priests are attempting to conjure a demon to conquer all known lands. The Spaniards resolve to assist the Indians. To accomplish so, they must locate four skulls capable of casting a defensive spell. Master Miguel Sanchez has been chosen for this important duty. Explore new lands, acquire gold, and protect the villagers in Adelantado 4 - Aztec Skulls.





- Four colorful episodes, plus a bonus level for experts

- Captivating storyline

- Search for secrets

- Dynamic gameplay

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