A Gnome’s Home: The Great Crystal Crusade

Help the gnomes restore the ethereal crystal and reconstruct their underground kingdom!

Under the radiance of the magical crystal, the kingdom of the subterranean gnomes was prosperous and prosperous. But then a terrible witch stole the crystal, and the gnomes' realm was destroyed. The underworld king is looking for a brave soul to stand up to the terrible witch and restore peace to the realm. Your path will take you to several lands. You will encounter many barriers and people. A couple of gnome workers will assist you in walking this long and difficult road to obtain the magical item, reach the realms of the evil witch, and destroy her in order to return the magical crystal and rebuild the underworld gnomes' kingdom.





- A wide range of diverse and exciting work.

- 65 levels of entertainment.

- Excellent gnome assistance.

- Fairytale story developed through gaming.

- Vibrant landscapes.

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