Build A Lot Series

The Build-a-Lot video game series is a collection of real estate strategy and time management games where players become property moguls. Tasked with building, upgrading, and managing various types of properties, players aim to maximize profits and meet specific goals within time constraints. Each game offers diverse scenarios, from residential neighborhoods to commercial districts, requiring strategic planning and resource management. Known for its engaging gameplay, detailed graphics, and progressively challenging levels, the series appeals to fans of simulation and strategy games. Build-a-Lot provides a satisfying experience of urban development and financial strategy, suitable for players who enjoy economic and construction simulations.

  1. Build-a-lot
  2. Build-a-lot -- The Elizabethan Era
    Build-a-lot -- The Elizabethan Era
  3. Build-A-Lot 2
    Build-A-Lot 2
  4. Build-A-Lot 3
    Build-A-Lot 3
  5. Build-A-Lot 4
    Build-A-Lot 4
  6. Build-a-lot Big Dreams
    Build-a-lot Big Dreams
  7. Build-a-lot Builder's Bundle
    Build-a-lot Builder's Bundle
  8. Build-a-lot Bundle - 4 in 1
    Build-a-lot Bundle - 4 in 1
  9. Build-a-lot Mysteries
    Build-a-lot Mysteries
  10. Build-a-lot Mysteries 2
    Build-a-lot Mysteries 2
  11. Build-a-Lot: Fairy Tales
    Build-a-Lot: Fairy Tales
  12. Build-a-Lot: On Vacation
    Build-a-Lot: On Vacation
  13. Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era - Premium Edition
    Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era - Premium Edition