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Rescue Agency: The Crystal Baby Collector's Edition

Witness the birth of the Crystal Elf, a young figure heralding a new era! Delve into a story that captures the brutality of the conflicts between the Crystal Elves and the Nightmare Lord's magicians. Journey back to a time when the earth was young and full of hope before the Elves were wiped out. Become part of the Renaissance, the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy whispered through the ages, now coming to pass. Who knows what else fate has in store?

Art By Numbers 53

Art By Numbers 53 is more than a painting experience; it’s a journey into a world of exquisite paintings, graceful lines, and vivid hues. All that is needed is your passion to create. Colors are chosen, matched to corresponding numbers, and used to bring pictures to life with vibrant shades. Magnificent pieces of art are crafted, embracing the inner artist within.

Criminal Archives: Blade of Deceit Collector's Edition

You have proven your capability in solving the most heinous crimes, and thus have been chosen as an official police consultant. The celebration must be postponed. A judge's body has been discovered on the riverbed, a figure known for making numerous enemies among criminals. Anyone could have killed him. However, after inspecting the crime scene and the body, the list of suspects has been significantly narrowed. Judge Alexander Therpen's clean-shaven chin features a small cut in the jugular vein. Then, your primary suspect is found dead. But even this setback won't deter you, will it?

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