Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle CE

Can you team up with animals to save the local zoo's celebration with Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle Collector's Edition.

Monkey Day is fast approaching! When the local zoo's plans for a perfect celebration are thwarted by an unknown perpetrator, only Artemis Wilde, Zoo Detective, can assist. The animals are acting abnormally, and evidence of a break-in at night appears to explain the chaos. Can the ability to communicate with animals be utilized to uncover the culprit in time? Prepare to unwind with a lighter, brighter kind of mystery in this wonderful Hidden-Object Puzzle game.



  • The zoo animals are unhappy, and only Artemis Wilde can communicate with them to discover their secrets.
  • Hidden-Object Puzzles and mini-games can be replayed to uncover the Secret Puzzle.
  • In-game currency is earned with every play, which can be used to download exclusive soundtracks, wallpapers, and more.
  • Achievements can be earned and Collectibles can be found throughout the zoo.
  • The handy Strategy Guide can be consulted to uncover what's going on at the zoo.
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