Wedding Gone Wrong – Solitaire Murder Mystery

Play solitaire and question witnesses to crack the case of the slain bride at the wedding.

At her wedding, Jennifer Graham is discovered dead. Without a doubt, she has been poisoned, but by whom, why, how, and when? Det. Carrie Tucker's elite squad is back to look into this case. Collaborate with them to find hints, question the suspects, and analyze the case with the team to determine the truth. As you solve the case, play the solitaire card mystery in three difficult game modes. Find hints in mini-games and hidden objects that will help you figure out who killed the person.





- A solitaire game with three difficult gaming modes: one-up-one-down, pair, and fourteen sum. Investigate a murder mystery by posing questions to suspects and exposing clues.
- To progress in the case, make chain combos and clear cards.
- Play a game of hidden object finder to locate hints.
- Play the memory match minigame to question the suspects.
- Hundreds of levels with distinctive layouts that provide endless playtime.
- Thrilling power-ups to aid in your victory.

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