Viking Ventures: Noble Savages Value Pack

Set out on magnificent and enchanted journeys alongside fearless Viking fighters!

With these two amazing time management games with a Viking theme, you can sail to the setting sun, traverse gorgeous forests full of magical creatures, save a family, and rid a kingdom of evil. In Viking Saga, you'll embark on thrilling adventures with young Ingolf as you assist Viking king Ragnar in rescuing his daughters and releasing his kingdom from the evil witch's grasp. Along the way, you'll see beautiful landscapes, assist the locals in their struggles, befriend a sage Druid, and above all locate Loki, the Scandinavian god of mischief, who will free the Viking king from the evil ring's curse!





- Vibrant and colorful visuals!
- A compelling and intricate plot
- Use your strength, magic, and wisdom to combat the evil and restore equilibrium!
- Several hours of enjoyable time management challenges!

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