Viking Heroes Collector’s Edition

Take part in the Vikings' valiant mission to preserve Midgard!
In the Collector's Edition of Viking Heroes

The brave Viking family sets out on an epic adventure to save Midgard, and the forces of evil have no chance! Climb to new heights of adventure as sisters Helga and Brunnhilde and brothers Everand and Boromere team together for the first time to hunt down a wicked sorcerer who has caused a series of destructive storms to hit Midgard! Discover the breathtaking world found within the fabled Yggdrasil tree's branches, then immerse yourself in the breathtaking splendor of an aquatic world while completing objectives and racing against the clock to win rewards! As the plot takes unexpected turns, use magic to go beyond tall hurdles and the sword to take down mythical creatures! And as you gather the abilities necessary to endure the ultimate clash with the Lord of the Storm, overcome crafty puzzles! To embark on the most exciting adventure ever with these cherished characters, download and play Viking Heroes right now!





- An engrossing adventure tale
- 42 achievements to unlock
- Numerous suspenseful levels
- Game modes for both novice and expert players
- Fun and addictive mini-games
- Learn-as-you-play tutorial
- Easy point-and-click controls
- Bonus chapter with 16 levels
- Four more achievements for the bonus chapter
- A step-by-step strategy guide
- Downloadable original soundtrack
- Three gorgeous desktop wallpapers
- 21 collectible owls

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240 MB

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