Victorian Riddles: The Intrigue of the Annual Pearl

Victorian Riddles: Discover mysteries in the Annual Pearl's intrigue with Victorian Riddles: The Intrigue of the Annual Pearl

In this match-3 casual game, a perilous and fascinating adventure will be embarked upon alongside the famed detective Sherlock Holmes and his close friend Dr. John Watson. A web of deception, betrayal, and murder will be traversed. Mary Morstan, a tranquil and attractive woman, receives a strange pearl from an unidentified benefactor every year, sparking a case involving love, retribution, and an irreplaceable treasure.

As the story progresses, eccentric art collectors, dark villains, and shady figures will be encountered, each holding a piece of the puzzle. As Holmes, deductions, analyses, and solutions will be made, but it must be remembered that not everything is as it appears. With each match-3 puzzle completed, the fog over the vast city lifts a little further, revealing the secrets concealed in its dark corners.



  • Interactions with well-crafted characters, each with their own secrets and storylines.
  • Intriguing match-3 puzzles to be solved to uncover clues and advance the investigation.
  • Strategic talents to be used to unlock gaming components and story pieces, enhancing the immersive storyline.
  • Immersion in the enchanting ambiance of Victorian London, complete with magnificent graphics and detailed surroundings.
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