Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7

An amazing, fantastic outdoor experience!

What better way to spend a summer than assisting the rangers in managing a vast and breathtaking national park? Pinecreek Hills is having Charity Week, and it's better than ever. Plan activities along gorgeous rivers, lakes, and trails. See the magnificent Tree House Lodge and the brand-new Colonial Village. Camp next to Golden Bayou and enjoy the views of evocative waterfalls, magical caverns, and other exciting outdoor spaces. Take in the gorgeous surroundings, enjoy campfires, view bears and animals, and visit Pinecreek's historic structures and sites. Play to assist the ranger squad in finding an unauthorized poacher. Enjoy challenging hidden object games and puzzles while seeing hundreds of fish, birds, animals, and other nature. Maintain the surroundings while finishing the tasks and stages.





- Vibrant graphics and gameplay
- Gorgeous hidden object levels and short mini-puzzles
- Clickable map for bonuses and scene replays

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