Travel Cuisine Collector’s Edition

Tammy and Matthew want to open and operate their own restaurant!
Assist them in CE Travel Cuisine!

Tammy and Matthew want to open and operate their own restaurant! But without the tools and experience you need, how can you achieve your goals? The culinary competition has the solution to every problem. Despite obstacles and perils, the heroes will press on and set off on a culinary adventure to learn about the intricacies of the restaurant business and the culinary techniques of various eateries across the globe. They will inevitably grasp the dream and the win in their hands if you help them along the way! Enjoy yourself immensely as you go on a pleasant culinary journey around the globe! Discover the culinary delights of the world!





- Delicious dishes like burritos, sushi, pastries, and cream soups, among others! Tammy and Matthew, two young restaurateurs, will accompany you on your journey at all times!
- A deep narrative, colourful illustrations, and unique characters!
- Exciting gameplay with the opportunity to take over an elite restaurant's kitchen.

- There are a lot of interesting and hungry patrons.

- Forty-five distinct levels.
- Three establishments where a lot of work will be needed: a sushi bar with an oriental theme, a classic bakery, and a Mexican restaurant!

- Over 25 hours of thrilling gameplay suitable for all age groups.
- Harmonious music

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