The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent Collector’s Edition

They'll take more than just your picture!
The Collector's Edition of The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent

Experience yet another enigmatic voyage outside the ordinary realm with The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent! You have been invited to Italy by your buddy Carlos, an art critic, to assist with the investigation into the disappearance of a colleague. All the hints point to the same neighborhood gallery, where you soon learn that this disappearance wasn't the first. And when everything comes together, you'll find an eerie web of deceit, resentment, and treachery. In this captivating new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game, you'll have to track down the clues, discover the truth, and keep an eye on the people you can trust in order to solve the case and put an end to the disappearances!





- In the bonus chapter, assist a muse child in discovering her real calling!
- Relive your best minigames and find a hidden object puzzle bonus!

- Gather paint palettes to create your own artwork!

- Take advantage of special concept art, music, movies, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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