The Forgotten Land

Uncover the sinister secrets of the fabled Forgotten Land!

Take on challenging Match 3 puzzles in The Forgotten Land for a menacing journey that offers a fresh take on the puzzle genre. Navigate four distinct individuals through the sinister woods of a world where darkness and ruin have reigned for ages. And the people who live there are equally as evil as the world they call home. Your heroes must combat and defeat hostile creatures in turn-based Match 3 battles. Every fight will hone and strengthen your team. Utilize the distinctive abilities of your heroes and stock your inventory with useful equipment and weapons. Let your group battle their way through the Forgotten Land by unleashing your powers. Make a temporary camp and go exploring the dark region. Install fire beacons and eliminate several dangers. Find lost runes and magical stones, as well as strange secrets. Show off your abilities and tactics in a puzzle genre mashup that's never been seen before. Are you prepared to take the chance of spending all of your time in the dark?





- Battle Match 3: Defeat merciless opponents in intricate turn-based combat!
- Puzzle Match 3: Use cunning to position fire beacons, get rid of obstacles, and drive out your adversaries!
- Enhance your abilities: Raise the specific abilities of your team and raise your chances of victory! Stock up on weapons and tools that work: Stock up on weapons and tools that work!
- Skill & strategy: Display your abilities and think like a master strategist! Upgrade your squad carefully, then use its unique abilities to defeat formidable opponents.
- Repair the old warehouse: Construct the abandoned storage facility of an extinct society to get valuable rewards! Uncover hidden mysteries and perils: Battle, explore, and resolve! Uncover the secret behind the evil enchantment shrouding the land!
- Extended boards: Manage your performance even with boards that span multiple screens!

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