The Enthralling Realms – An Alchemist’s Tale

Coral and Iris have learned to become skilled alchemists since they were little!

Iris is unintentionally killed by Coral during a disastrous experiment. After being dismissed from the academy and left heartbroken, Coral embarks on a quest to become an expert alchemist and figure out how to save Iris. Can the dead be brought back to life, though? And while selling talismans and potions to those in need of Coral's assistance, will she be able to discover these answers? She won't give up without a fight, that's for sure!





- A tale of love, redemption, and hope as a youthful alchemist attempts to correct a disastrous error
- 20 alchemical concoctions and tools to learn
- 5 areas brimming with unique components and fresh clientele
- A range of distinct clients, human and otherwise

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