The Chronicles of Jonah and the Whale

An additional timeless story is brought to life!

The last thing Jonah wants to do is fulfil God's command to warn the inhabitants of Nineveh to repent. His opponents reside in Nineveh, and he feels that they ought to be punished. Jonah runs away from home in a frantic attempt to follow his calling, but God doesn't give up lightly, and Jonah's flight is cut short. Will Jonah heed God's command and put aside his desire for vengeance? Or will he still think that Nineveh's people ought to be destroyed?





- Revel in the amazing tale of Jonah and the Whale!
- A total of 74 difficult match-3 levels!
- Over the course of five distinct chapters, Jonah's trip is portrayed in twenty thrilling sequences!
- Beautiful, traditional music sets the tone for this tale of forgiveness and mercy.

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