The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire 2 – Collector’s Edition

In Emerland, another adventure is waiting for you!
In Emerland Solitaire: The Chronicles, Volume 2 - CE

Greetings from Emerland, a beautiful place! Enter the world of enchanted stories, where formidable sorcerers contend for the age-old sorcery of the Cards' Source! Navigate through far-off nations with characters like a brave Knight, an elven archeress, and a sorceress to battle the evil Dark Master! To complete difficult and diverse stages, work out puzzles, and collect combos! Reward yourself for your efforts and find new assistants! Show that you've grasped the mysteries of Solitaire's allure by rising to the most difficult tasks at the card table! Although this game is easy to learn, do you have the bravery to become an expert at it?





- An amazing adventure.
- Heroes of legend!

- Levels of fascination!

- Wonderful solitaire in the realm of fairies.



Features of the Collector's Edition include:


- An extra chapter with bonus levels
- A trophy room
- Extra card sets
- Downloadable music

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