Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands

Come along on an exotic adventure with Alex, her loyal dog Muffin, and her friend Professor Finch.

Have you ever fantasized about taking a plane to a far-off place in pursuit of adventure? Then you will definitely enjoy this game. Accompany Alex, her companion Professor Finch, and her devoted canine companion Muffin as they ride their airship out of London and straight into the centre of a strong tornado! They are propelled by the storm into another realm, where they crash-land in an oddly strange new environment. You'll assist them in exploring, getting to know the locals, rebuilding their community, and fixing their airship so they can get back home safely. You'll encounter the people living in the cloud hamlet and come across other strange animals on the journey. A unique blend of match-3, hidden object, and mahjong.





- Over 80 distinct match-3 levels
- Assist the people in rebuilding their wrecked cloud hamlet
- Stunning Full HD visuals

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230 MB

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