So Much Stuff 4 Collector’s Edition

Enjoy finding a whole ton more of Stuff in So Much Stuff 4 Collector's Edition

Hidden gems and mementoes within exquisitely designed settings such as woodcarving, model trains, street art, 1970s scrapbooks, and more are waiting to be discovered. A variety of entertaining minigames can be played, and adorable souvenirs can be gathered along the way. Unwind, enjoy yourself, and sort through the hilarious mess of 'So Much Stuff 4: Bits and Bobs'!




- More than 100 games to play!

- Downloadable wallpapers.

- The entire soundtrack available on a music player.

- Help and Hint features to simplify gaming!


Collector's Edition features


- Eight more themes.

- 18 Free downloadable images.

- A music player.

- An additional collection room.

Game details
Release Date
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2230 MB

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