Shopping Clutter 22: Haute Couture

Help the Walker family get ready for their fashion display!

The Walkers' hometown of Animalville has recently undergone amazing change. New stores, restaurants, cafes, parks, theaters, and more... There's a whole new shopping mall in town! To celebrate the opening of the business, the owners are throwing an opulent fashion show. And everybody is welcome to take part. Squirrel Walker, who has long dreamed of being a designer, was unable to pass up this chance. After deciding to apply for the program, the family set out to find a place for their workshop. Regretfully, the buildings and studios that were ready were all occupied, and one of them caught fire the day after they arrived. After a long search, the Walkers finally found an outdated, run-down rental on the outskirts of town. The family will need to work very hard to transform it into a fashion studio and create the Walker Family's clothing line in time for the exhibition. Even if there can be obstacles and challenges, everything is achievable with your help! The Walkers are in more need of you than ever!



  • Play with NEW fashion-related goods! In addition to the 140 clutter puzzles, there are 20 more problems.
  • Masterworks of music and soothing sounds are offered for a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Fun dialogue and beloved characters are included.
  • Vibrant graphics and real difficulties are provided for puzzle aficionados.
  • Plots, investigations, and the distinct ambience of the luxury fashion sector!
  • Prevent the villain from attempting to ruin Squirrel's dream!
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