Secrets of the Dragon Wheel

a put an end a murder in its tracks, sneak on board a hazardous train!

Because her bosses believe that Epiphany O'Day's outlandish notions about the ancient and enigmatic Dragon Wheel artefact are just fantasy, they have laughed her out of her institution. Professor Lunn, her mentor, doesn't think so. After using Epiphany's meticulous research to unleash dark forces, he now pleads for her assistance in stopping the strong and malevolent individuals who have become aware of her work. Our young investigator is being forced to deal with more than just academics due to a blood trail. She has to board the Imperial Majestic covertly in order to go to the remotest corners of the Far East on the opulent and extremely hazardous royal train. Come along and assist our heroine in putting an end to the chaos!

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