Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

Step outside the Twisted Mansion with Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle!

When playing hide-and-seek in the town of Greystone twenty years ago, your brother and many other kids were abducted by an enigmatic fog. You were the only one who managed to escape. Your father disappeared while searching for your sibling. You've now discovered proof that your father has been alive the entire time and is still looking for the missing kids. However, why would he keep quiet for so long? And why did he want you to stay away from Greystone so badly? You go out right away to locate the answers. But are you ready for what's in store for you in the enigmatic fog? Play this eerie Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game to find out! This special Collector's Edition release has a ton of exclusive extras that aren't included in the regular version.





- A bonus game in which you have to help Angela find happiness
- Completing your own collectible scene!A Strategy Guide is provided.
- Bonus mini-games and activities

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