Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition

Can you save the city and stop the Four Horsemen?

In Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt, defeat an army of ghosts! You have been called to Osville, where a horde of spirits under the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are prowling the streets in quest of a single young girl. The key to saving the city lies with the enigmatic prisoner confined in the tower, but you'll need to find him first! In this captivating Hidden Object Adventure game, uncover the mysteries surrounding the army of the Wild Hunt and discover the real reason behind the prisoner's ultimate treachery!





- Get access to two extra games!
- Recover the Princess's soul and save her!
- Discover the mysteries hidden within the Realm of the Dead by travelling there!
- Discover the secrets of Osville by means of collectables and extras!

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