Rescue Team Super Pack

Play the five games in the Rescue Team Super Pack to catch up!

With this five-game Rescue Team Super Pack, catch up on the Rescue Team series! The first five Rescue Team games in the series are included in this Super Pack! Take charge of the Rescue Team and reconstruct cities that have been destroyed by devastating natural disasters! To determine the most efficient way to get rid of barriers, obtain supplies, and finish the tasks at hand, use your planning skills. With well-planned mouse clicks, you may reconstruct towns and save lives as you navigate through dangerous jungles, snow-capped mountains, and desolate deserts. You'll also unlock achievements that attest to your bravery! In this thrilling five-game super bundle, join the Rescue Team now to save civilization!





- Purchase the first five Rescue Team games at a discounted price!
- The game offers remarkable challenges and goals to accomplish, as well as simple gameplay with interactive tutorials to get you started.
- The graphics are vibrant and vivid.

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